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Brand Launch Sale - Free delivery in NA

Another Quiver Killer in the SQUID lineup

11'3" * 32" * 4.75"

Especially if you like to get out and camp on your iSUP. Pack it and paddle it. Plenty of width for stability in bigger water or a yoga session but still narrow in nose and tail to keep speed when you’re paddling a distance. Ample rocker for flowing rivers. One of the most sought after boards in our line-up as people begin to get out and seek further objectives on a paddle board. A do-it-all iSUP.

  • Industry leading double fusion & woven dropstitch
  • SQUID custom rocker profile
  • Welded Seams
  • Triple Rail Layup
  • Bloom Foam Deckpad
  • Yulex Palm Grip Handles
  • US Split Finbox for easy rollup
  • Touring Fin with finger screw

Included: Recycled PET (plastic water bottle) backpack with roller wheels, SQUID super light recycled aluminum double flow pump, recycled touring fin and our Yulex leash.


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