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if you sit idle, you may rust

If there's one element that binds the people behind Squid, it's that we're doers.

For Pete's sake, don't sit still.

And we don't even know Pete.

After a hot day paddling, I reach for a… cerveza.  Muy fria por fa vor. Don’t forget your coozie.

Why whistler

Like many teenagers of the 80’s Warren Miller was the reason I left my mother crying at the end of the driveway to head to the mountains with a pickup filled with skis, mnt bike and hockey gear. Since the moment I arrived in Whistler I’ve been inspired by the people who chose to do the same as i did and get outside and live it up. After traveling throughout the west and much of the world for the last 30 years to chase waves, ski POW and mnt bike I can honestly say no other place in the world offers what BC does. It truly is paradise.


I am a very lucky individual who can say my friends truly inspire me in a way that has left an indelible mark on the manner to which I’ve crafted my life. Most of the last 30 years has seen me trying to perfect the balance of working less, living more and sharing a travel and outdoor lifestyle through imagery and stories. A fortunate connection in 2010 with Clay Feeter and Evelyn O’Doherty from Stand Up Journal, now Session Magazine as well as a few other key media publications allowed me outlets for my documentation of the growth of SUP here in the Sea to Sky and abroad. I’ve worked with Canadian and International SUP companies on media production, developing brand identity and designing boards, paddles and accessories with innvovative sustainable inputs mirroring my own ambitions of living a life in harmony with the environments we play in and around.

Favourite Place to Paddle  

Anywhere in Indo and BC. The coastline of both these areas are endless, the waters pristine and teaming with life offering no shortage of adventure. No matter where I travel abroad I always get a ping of excitement to come home as there really is no other place in the world like the coastal waters of BC. I’ve spent 25 years surfing in Tofino and will drop anything and everything to head across the island.

You can also find me… Looking for glassy waves, chasing POW and mountain biking. I kinda consider myself a goat in the surf.

Never miss apres, it’s always a good time.

After a hot day paddling, I reach for a...cold beer, usually something crafty from BC, but an icy bottle of Mexican cervesa with a lime wedge is a real treat.

Why Whistler

I’ve lived in the Sea to Sky for close to 30 years, arriving in Whistler the day after I graduated from Queen’s Engineering. Like most young people, I came for the mountain biking and skiing, and I’ve stayed because there’s no place quite like BC - oceans, mountains, rainforests, deserts - it’s mind blowing.


In 2012 Rosie and I started riding ebikes to get around Whistler so we could emit less carbon. Prior to launching Squid, we were both working with DOST Ebikes overseeing their Sustainability Program, we also had a hand in new product development, it was such an invaluable experience. Ebikes are a climate change solution!

Favourite Place to Paddle

I’m all up for a good float on the lake on a hot day, but it’s the overnight touring in the waters around Vancouver Island that I love most. The ocean is alive and
it’s pure magic. Also I suck at surfing.

You can also find me... Mountain biking and skiing pow. Then at apres.

After a hot day paddling, I reach for a......... cold beer

Why Squamish

I grew up in Whistler and moved to Squamish right after High School to chase the climbing dream. I fell in love with the town for it beauty and people.


I have been playing outside for as long as I can remember. I turned that passion into a career in product design. The juxtaposition of those two passions really satisfies. I love the details and the efficiency that can be attained when I get the formula right.

Favourite Place to Paddle

Anywhere that the water is warm enough to wear shorts and clear enough to see the bottom. Waves are a major bonus!!!

You can also find me... hanging out with my family, riding bikes and cooking.

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after a hot day paddling I reach for a...

After a hot day paddling, you will most likely find me hydrating & refuelling at a local watering hole enjoying a cold brew with some good friends,music & food.

Why Strathroy Ontario 

Born and raised in London, Ontario, conveniently nestled in between 3 out of the 5 Great Lakes! There are many rivers, lakes and body’s of water close by and I enjoy paddling them all. 


My first time on an iSUP was over a decade ago on a river adventure near Whistler, BC with my OG SUP mentor Chris Glavin. There was a salmon run underneath our boards, wild horses grazing along the riverbank and the moon was setting in between the mountains. I was immediately hooked on SUP!!  The next day I drove to Tofino for some more surf vibes and adventures. I am now an advanced certified SUP instructor in Ontario. I mostly volunteer my services with local paddle groups, social events and with @salthaven_org Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation centre.

Favourite places to paddle 

Sending it down swift rapids is the best. We have the Thames, Ausable & Grand River accessible daily but my favourite is when I get up North of Algonquin park for some whitewater play days. I also enjoy a good long beach day at the lake or a paddle-in only campsite for a weekend away. 

You can also find me... enjoying a paddle then beers or just beers with paddling friends at a local brewery.  You will also find me floating on the Onewheel through ditches, fields & dirt roads. You’ll never know when the congas will break out for a funky jam session & good time under the stars out here at the old country schoolhouse. 

Happy Paddling.


after a hot day paddling, I reach for a...a refreshing glass of ice-cold water or a delicious Arnold Palmer, which is a combination of iced tea and lemonade. It's the perfect way to quench your thirst and rehydrate after a day on the water.  Cheers to staying hydrated and enjoying the beauty of nature!

Why North America

I find great joy in paddleboarding along the Connecticut coastline and Long Island Sound. The tranquil waters and picturesque landscapes offer a serene escape from the bustling city life. Exploring the lakes in Connecticut and the surrounding New England region provides me with a sense of tranquility, surrounded by lush greenery and pristine nature. As I venture further down the East Coast, reaching as far as Key West, Florida, I am greeted by stunning views and diverse marine life. From the vibrant colors of tropical fish to the gentle sway of palm trees, every paddleboarding experience along this coastal route is a unique and unforgettable adventure. 


"Hi there! My name is Joe Galiatsatos, and I am a passionate paddleboarder. For the past 10 years, I have been exploring the waters and embarking on amazing adventures that have allowed me to meet incredible people along the way. It all started with just a GoPro in hand, capturing breathtaking pictures of nature and documenting my own enjoyment of the outdoors through selfies.

As time went on, my love for photography grew, and I decided to take it to new heights by incorporating drone photography into my repertoire. For the past five years, I have been capturing stunning aerial shots and sharing them with others. Additionally, I have found a new passion in filming drone races, bringing the thrilling world of racing to local audiences.

Beyond my pursuits in paddleboarding and photography, I strongly believe in sustainability and the importance of creating a greener world. I am committed to promoting and adopting sustainable practices in all aspects of my life. Together, let's work towards building a better future for our planet.

If you're interested in paddleboarding, drone photography, or just want to chat about sustainability, feel free to reach out! I'm always excited to connect with like-minded individuals. Let's make waves and create a more sustainable and adventurous world together!" 

Favorite places to paddle

Bontina Springs in Florida. This hidden gem offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and wildlife. As I glide through the crystal-clear waters, I am surrounded by the stunning scenery of the beach, adorned with majestic palm trees. The gentle presence of dolphins and manatees adds a touch of magic to this already enchanting experience. And when the day comes to an end, the breathtaking sunsets paint the sky in a mesmerizing display of vibrant hues, creating a truly unforgettable moment on the water. 

Another favorite paddle place of mine is Willbrough Lake in Vermont during the autumn season. The scenery transforms into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors as the foliage on the trees turns various shades of orange, red, and gold. The picturesque mountains serve as the backdrop, creating a breathtaking view that is truly a feast for the eyes. Paddling through the calm waters of Willbrough Lake surrounded by this stunning display of nature's beauty is an experience that should not be missed. 

You can also find me… participating in beach clean-ups and organizing electronics collection events at work. I have a passion for preserving the environment and ensuring that our beaches and oceans are kept clean and free from pollution. Besides that, I enjoy the lake life and love spending time chilling at the sandbars on Lake Winnepesaukee or the Connecticut River. Jet skiing on the ocean is another activity that I truly enjoy. And of course, who doesn't love food? Exploring different cuisines and trying out new dishes is always a delight for me.