The unfortunate truth is that most of the gear we use as paddlers comes from virgin fossil fuel feedstock: neoprene, plastics, PVC, carbon fiber and epoxy all began life as oil & gas. With that said, these materials also tend to make the gear we produce both perform the way it does and make it more durable. This is the challenge our industry faces.

Over the past several years we’ve worked with our Factory Partners to replace as much of this virgin material as we can with either natural fibers (like Yulex and Bloom Foam) that are sustainably harvested and breakdown naturally, or with recycled fibers (like recycled bottles or recycled cans) that can be used to make new products at their end-of-life.

We’re happy to report that our research and experiments are paying off. In fact 100% of our entire product line, from boards to bags and from pumps to paddles - has some measure of recycled and/or natural materials, and this will remain true for every new product we have in the pipeline.

1% for the people. 100% for the planet.

SQUID Paddle Co is committed to financially supporting grass roots efforts to alleviate our planet's most pressing environmental issues. You vote with your dollar, collectively we can make change.

design with purpose

SQUID's design process stems from a foundation of Sustainability that's been years, and literally thousands of paddle strokes in the making. We've pioneered and tested the use of Bloom Foam and Yulex in the industry and have now woven them into a unique manufacturing process. Every input into our boards, paddles and accessories are carefully chosen - we only use fabrics and materials where they're needed - and combined with industry leading processes like heat welded seams, carbon stringers, woven fusion double layer drop stitch and recycled fabrics and aluminum, SQUID stands alone in the industry.

pump it up

Our SQUID recycled aluminum double action pump. Light, durable and hard wearing built to last a lifetime of adventures. Adorned with our 1% For The Planet member logo so you too can spread awareness of the importance of both people and brands who tackle our planet's most pressing environmental issues.

Yulex leash & handles

There's simply no need for oil-based neoprene. Ever. We use Yulex, a FSC Certified natural plant-based rubber in our ankle leashes and our padded handles on our iSUPs. You no longer need to choose between performance and the planet.

the squid paddle

Lovingly hand-made in Thailand with a FSC Certified Maple wood veener and finished with a lick of bio-resin. A high performance teardrop shape balanced with a mid-flex carbon shaft offering power when you need it most. You'll look good on the water and paddle like a freak.

Bloom™ Foam deck pads

Premium Bloom deckpads from algae biomass harvested from freshwater sources throughout the world helping to improve the quality of the very waterways we paddle. Your connection to your board becomes greater when it's eco-friendly.

from bottles to bag

Each iSUP bag is made from 60 recycled plastic water bottles, a major contributor of ocean pollution across our planet. We need to eliminate single use plastics and begin to design products that are circular with our current plastic waste keeping them out of the landfill and out of our oceans.