the waterline series

Performance meets Planet.

Our single dihedral with two deep side concaves provide immediate power to your stroke vaulting you from the shoulder to the peak, from the audience to the podium or around the next point to paradise.

It's efficient, powerful, Eco and absolutely stunning.

Look Good. Paddle Better.

Every paddle stroke gives


adjective. / hand'kraftǝd/ made skillfuly by hand

the waterline layup

SQUID's design process stems from a foundation of Sustainability that's been years, countless adventures and literally thousands of paddle strokes in the making.

Recyclable foam core, FSC Maple veneer and carbon layered by hand and finished with a full lick of bio-resin to the blade, shaft and handle.

Made for memorable sessions.

from beginner to pro

There's simply no other blade design in the world that combines the power and efficiency to let a newbie see their paddling evolve overnight or a seasoned vet hit the podium. Recommended from the Squid team for all paddlers.

Teardrop Shape

Feel immediate power from the generous volume at the tip whether you're catch is picture perfect or not. Balanced with a mid-flex full carbon shaft, you'll get into that next wave earlier or to the next beach around the corner sooner. Efficiency and power pervade with the teardrop.

Double Concave Dihedral

Every paddler has a unique technique. The pronounced double concave of the Waterline Series provides power to any stroke no matter the positioning, perfect for the surf, easy lake paddle or day long tour. With a super clean entry and exit and our medium flex Sure Grip full carbon shaft, efficiency becomes an afterthought - you'll simply be back on the beach before any tired muscles rear their heads.

Blade Angle

Whether you're looking to catch the next set wave or out on a day-long tour, our 10° blade to shaft offset will get you where you need to go efficiently. For the paddler that does it all, there's simply no other design that performs in every dynamic environment you find yourself in.

squid easy lock clamp

Extend or lower your paddle length on the fly with our easy to use clamp on the Waterline 2 PC and 3 PC paddles. Keeps water out, keeps your paddle stroke tight.

our anti twist gaurantee

With a grooved inner shaft on our 2 PC and 3 PC paddles, there's zero chance of your paddle twisting mid-stroke. Performance and efficiency extend right through our full Waterline Paddle Series.