salty or not-so-salty. if it's wet, paddle it.

Performance inflatable sups

Our limited edition, small batch inflatable paddle boards are known for their eye catching 70's surf inspired designs that illicit a feeling of a beach filled lifestyle. Ahhhh. The beach.

our boards

carbon/wood paddles

Your board isn't boring, so why does your paddle have to be? Hand crafted FSC Maple blades. Performance meets eco-friendly.

our paddles

eco accessories

Yulex natural rubber ankle leash and Organic cotton hats for all your summer adventures. Look good on and off the water.

the goods
SUP in beautiful Howe Sound British Columbia
Why iSUP?

I love my boards but it I don’t pamper them. They have been dragged across rocky shores, through forested river banks and over and under log jams.

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Paddle with the Pooch
Paddle with the Pooch

It sure does look like fun, especially with the many adventurous dogs you see across Instagram enjoying a water-filled adventure in a glassy turquoise lake.

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Days of Tofino
Days of Tofino

This time, it's not just surfing and crab feasts on the beach that is calling but our buddy Dan at Tofino Boating Co.  "The Lagoon Float Camp" is ready guys, you've got to come check it out!"

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