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Brand Launch Sale - Free delivery in NA

An iSUP screaming for BIG missions.

13'2" * 31" * 5.9"

Leave nothing at home - all the tie-downs to bring the cooler, camp stove, tent and gourmet meals for a serious multi-day adventures. And don't forget about the dog. The most capable inflatable touring board in the industry and our team rider’s favourite board. Paddled, cooked and slept on up and down our coastline of British Columbia.

  • Industry leading double fusion & woven dropstitch
  • 26 lbs
  • SQUID custom rocker profile
  • Welded Seams
  • Triple Rail Layup
  • Bloom Foam Deckpad
  • Yulex Palm Grip Handles
  • US Split Finbox for easy rollup
  • Touring Fin with finger screw

Included: Recycled PET (plastic water bottle) backpack with roller wheels, SQUID super light recycled aluminum double flow pump, recycled touring fin and our Yulex leash.

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