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There's simply no need to use any other leash than one crafted with a natural bio-based neoprene. Be happy and enjoy your paddle.

natural rubber for the win

Our neoprene-free, renewable Yulex® natural rubber SUP leash performs just as well as conventional neoprene.

And it's a far better choice for the planet.

paddle specs

  • 7mm High Strength Polyurethane Cord
  • 55mm Yulex® Cuff
  • Smooth rotating stainless steel swivels
  • Super strong velcro
  • Hide-a-key pocket

the 'eco' in our Yulex® leash

Yulex® natural rubber - The Yulex® used in our ankle cuff is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® and by the Rainforest Alliance.
Only 0.5% of the world's rubber supply currently comes from FSC certified sources.
By replacing conventional neoprene with Yulex® we are able to reduce CO2 emissions by ≈80% compared to conventional leash cuff.

Certified rPET - The webbing in our leashes is produced from a yarn spun from certified post-consumer PET bottles. Every 500 grams of recycled polyester yarn used in our products reduces raw material usage and energy consumption by 61000 BTU's. This is equivalent of 2 liters of gasoline.